Selling Your Property

Selling your home can be daunting. There are so many agents, properties, people offering advice, rules, and variables that it is no surprise it is a stressful time!


We offer an inclusive service that we believe offers fantastic value for your money. Teamed with local expert knowledge and professional, friendly staff we aim to make the experience as straightforward as possible for you, the client. We will always be transparent with our advice and costs, and we will work hard to secure your sale as quickly and painlessly as possible.


We have created this information pack to assist you in choosing the right agent and to give some advice on selling your home, even if you do not choose Limehouseltd we hope you find it useful.


Choosing an agent

Selecting the right agent can make all the difference to your sale. Choose an agent you can get along with, always acts professionally and who knows the area.


Asking the right questions can help you choose, and avoid problems further down the line. For example:


  • What costs are involved, and what do you get for your money?
  • Are there any hidden costs that are not immediately apparent, ie: extra marketing, viewing charges etc.
  • How will they promote your property to its best advantage?
  • How strong is their internet presence?
  • Do they belong to any regulatory bodies?
  • How will they attract buyers locally and nationally?
  • What is the local property market like?

Knowing the market

Our knowledge and experience of the local property market helps us develop a marketing strategy that is right for you, and for your property. It’s more than just knowing our way around the area, it’s about understating the people, the properties, the neighbourhood and what it is like to live there.


Setting the right asking price for your property

Determining the asking price for your property can be complex. Getting it wrong can delay or prevent your sale. Home Report valuations are useful as a guide but the final decision lies with you and the agent of choice. There are many factors to consider, amount of comparable properties on the market, how quickly you need to move and the condition of your property.


Most properties will attract more interest when newly put on the market so it is important to price it correctly from the start. Missing out on the early interest because of unrealistic pricing is a common mistake made by agents which we always avoid.


Avoid an agent who promises to ‘set’ a valuation within the Home Report for you. The Home Report should always be carried out by a reputable surveyor who will base the valuation on local knowledge and past sales, not what either the seller or the agent wishes the price to be. Any agent attempting to ‘adjust’ this valuation could damage the perception of your property when it hits the market initially.


Successful selling process

The process for selling your home is relatively simple. Beware of any agent who guarantees to sell your home in a certain timescale to gain your business. You may find yourself locked into a contract for months that you are unable to get out of, and still have no sale. The process normally follows below:


  • Instruct your agent
  • Appoint your conveyancer
  • Prospective buyers view property
  • Offer is accepted on the property
  • Missives concluded
  • Sale complete!

Preparing your home

It is useful to always put yourself in the buyers position, you will then be able to look at your own property with an objective eye. Buyers are often not looking for ‘potential’ in a property but instead they need to be able to imagine themselves living there. Follow these simple steps to maximise your properties potential.


  • Ensure your house is sparkling clean for viewers.
  • De-clutter and pack away personal belongings.
  • Freshen up paintwork with neutral colours.
  • Create a feeling of space and cleanliness by cleaning mirrors and windows and even light bulbs!
  • Make sure every room has a clear function, ie: no ‘junk’ rooms!
  • Make the most of outdoor space by cutting grass, and making sure the areas are tidy and free of weeds etc.
  • Check your front door, drive etc, first impressions are so important.
  • Replace worn or unsuitable flooring.
  • Arrange for pets to be looked after while viewings take place, odours and excitable pets can be off putting to a non animal lover!
  • Address the repair jobs you have been overlooking.

Costs involved in selling your home

Costs can vary frighteningly from agent to agent, that is why it is imperative you do your homework prior to signing any agreement. You will need to factor in the following to your costs:


  • Home Report
  • Estate agent marketing fees
  • Estate agent commission
  • Conveyancing fees
  • Removal costs

Beware of agents who advertise too-good-to-be-true costs. You will possibly find some ‘interesting’ further costs in the small print, which you may have thought were included. It is imperative you check prior to signing their agreement.


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